Heart Veggie2vegan foodies cooking club

Co-Creating Inspired Meals With Good People!

We organize small gatherings at members’ homes, pick a theme, and then cook, artfully present and eat a gourmet feast.  Come meet others who share a passion for home-cooked, delicious, plant-based cuisine and let’s inspire each other to greater creativity in the kitchen!  Contact us about membership.

Foodieperson who has an ardent or refined interest in food and seeks new food experiences as a hobby.


Favorite Childhood Meals Made Vegan – write up found here.

Vegan Sushi Style Rolls and Wraps – write up found here.

revolution fiststasty and meatless street team

We are a group of playful activists who are passionate about making a difference while having serious fun in the process.  Join us for public, attention-grabbing adventures that will spread awareness of the vegan solution and inspire new behaviors.  Let’s ignite change in our community together!